• Carbon Parts is a manufacturer of composite parts, components and moulds.
  • Design of composite parts (calculations, shape optimization).
  • Manufacturing methods are vacuum resin infusion, wet lamination and prepreg.
  • Composite parts for motorsport, aviation and automotive industry.

Why to chose composite parts

Carbon parts

  • Carbon fibres have high electrical conduction and low heat conduction.
  • Carbon fibers have awesome look.
  • Carbon fibers have widespread use in motorsport, aerospace, engineering, R/C models and sport.
  • Carbon parts can substitute aluminium and steel.
  • Carbon parts are very durable and light.

Kevlar parts

  • They have high resistance to attrition.
  • They have high resistance to high temperatures.
  • They are used mainly in motorsport.

Carbon-Kevlar parts

  • Combine quality of both materials.
  • Hybrid fabrics are available in many colors.

Glass fiber parts

  • They are not as good as carbon or kevlar but is cheeper.
  • Glass fiber parts can be easily repared.

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